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LimeWire 4th on

Monday, February 27th, 2006
LimeWire is on the 4th position of the top ten for the week ending on feb 26th.
I love my job.

Frostwire: Might end a year long flame war

Monday, February 27th, 2006

This screenshot might be the end of a 100 reply flamewar in which started almost a year ago when I said “Browse Host” should be optional in LimeWire.

A friend from the Frostwire team sent me a CVS build and it seems they thought about my request, they might include it in their next release. Let’s see if LimeWire adds this soon after. is up.

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

It seems it’s finally up, go to to try creating your google page.

I found it very boring… still, probably useful for the average joe, it features a simple wysiwyg editor, a few layouts, and a page manager, to publish, unpublish, remove, edit your pages.

It seems they took the first step in putting together a wysiwyg editor (which they have been around for a while but with other purposes) into html authoring from the web browser.  For a few reasons now google starts appealing a bit evil, let’s hope that does’t affect the stock in a negative way, everybody was saying it would close above 500, cmon google, make some money for your daddy.

The future of media – Part II – “The triad of DVRs, P2P and Social Networking”

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

In honor to the future of media, and by the suggestion of kakei-ho I decided to make this post in audio, aka, a Podcast.

OGG Stream (Point your xmms, winamp, iTunes to this location)

creative commons Magnet Download in ogg vorbis (You need LimeWire to download Magnets)

creative commons Magnet Download in mp3

In this podcast you’ll hear me one on one, I didn’t script it, it just came out “live”.

This podcast was created with Linux Ubuntu, Plantronic headsets, and Audacity.

You’ll hear me talking about the last post, how I think DVRs, P2P and Social Networking should live in your living room, how the whole business model of the RIAA sucks as it is, and why I think it’s bullshit that iTunes has sold a billion songs (I think big part was bought by themselves)

On the background I feature music from Radio Head, Morcheeba, Portishead, Paco de Lucia, Gotan Project and Rage Against the Machine.

You can listen in full to the Gotan Project song “Queremoz Paz”, featuring president Chavez voice clips over a nicely mixed tango, very original. (This doesn’t mean I agree with Chavez Ideology, It’s just funny to use his voice clips for something artistic and beautiful)

You can distribute this podcast freely under an Atribute-Non Comercial-Share Alike Creative Commons License.

OGG Stream (Point your xmms, winamp, iTunes to this location)

creative commons Magnet Download in ogg vorbis (You need LimeWire to download Magnets)

creative commons Magnet Download in mp3
And related to this, you should also watch this

The future of media – Part I – “Radio that plays what you like.”

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
Last August 2005 I used AmaroK, a very innovative music player that currently runs in Linux, one of the features that caught my eye was the integration with a website called with a plugin called “The AudioScrobbler”

I had to set up an account in once this was done, AmaroK would send statistics of all the music I played to Then If on, I could see all the music I played, and the site would recommend me not only more music to listen, but it would match me with other people with similar musical interests -> music tastes = social network

audioscrobbler setup, click to make big

So, I upgraded my linux, and for some reason I stopped using the service, but on my trip to Austria I happened to meet and work side by side with one of the founders of (Michael, very nice dude). Over a few Austrian beers he told me the whole story of the site, and why he wasn’t part of it anymore, and why the big players never bought it… He also told me about other sites doing the similar things, and he mentioned (which I’ll talk about next, but read on, there’s still more to know about

click to make bigger, here's Michael, original founder of

Here’s where I learned that not only did the whole social network thing, but that it also streams music to you based on your taste (silly me, this was probably the main feature).

So here’s how it works, you need to download a player application or a plugin for your favorite music player and you type the name of an artist that you like, based on that artist it will start playing similar music, or based on the stats of your account.

If you happen like the song you can just play it all the way for free, if you love it you can click a heart icon and it will know that you’ll love it (then it’ll analize this info and play more  songs with similar musical properties), if you don’t like a song you can always skip it and wait for the surprise of the next song, if you hate that song with all your guts you can ban it from ever being played again, the results? eventually you’ll find yourself listening to a high percentage of music that you’ll enjoy, and you’ll be addicted to it, hours will go buy and you won’t even realize you were listening to digital radio.
I’d like to praise the developer team for building players for all operating systems, including Linux (I’m currently listening to one of their personalized streams in my Linux Ubuntu, the player is written using Qt4, nice!!!!)

last fm player running in linux

So that’s all I have to say for now about, you can check out my profile (which is not up to date since I haven’t listened to more music and sent data to the site), this page will show you the songs I’ve listened recently on their stream [while I was writing this post], and stats about the artists, songs I played the most on my linux box, and also my musical neighbours. (and yes, it works in Windows and Mac too!!!)

So PROS. Innovative, A lot of music, excellent sound quality, fun to see what you’ve heard from your harddrive collection (you’ll see how obssessed I was with Madonna, Shakira and Aterciopelados last year), and it has the social networking aspect which is cool, you can play your neighbour’s radio and if you have the time to socialize you could probably contact your neighbours, personally I never contacted these people, but I did see the music they played and that gave me ideas on what to listen to. As a personal note I like to listen to music I like, or music my friends show me, and not what the media is trying to shove in my ears.

CONS? having to install something to listen to the streams (even though it was very easy, even for linux, no compilation needed whatsover, just untar and run a binary)
But don’t go to just yet, finish reading, there’s more.


So I went to and I found out why people probably like it better.

Pandora's flash interface, tiny, accesible and simple. Just cool

First of all you don’t need to install anything, you just go to the page and there’s an amazing flash application running there. Without any registration you can start playing personalized music, the interface is friendly and animated, you feel like you’re using a program like those shown only in movies where computer interfaces are too cool to be true.

what happens when you click 'Guide Us'

So, I typed ‘jamiroquai’ and it started playing music similar to jamiroquai, and then I asked to my self, but how will this thing know my tastes when I come back, I don’t want to train it again, as I was listening to my stream I registered using the same interface, and all along the music kept playing, the sound quality was good, and the interface explains you little things on why it plays a song or not, I just found it way cool and more accesible to users than

detailed description of why it's playing that song

If you compare to, they both serve the same purpose, but is a bit more of a pain to do the whole thing, once you have both of them set up, it makes no differene to me.

PROS, accesible, no installation needed, amazing UI.

CONS of If you have linux with flash player 7, your cpu usage might go to the rooftop, and if your laptop has a few fans broken (like mine) the laptop will over heat and it will turn itself off, but this isn’t the fault of, this is the fault of macromedia releasing a crappy flash player for linux, and me not replacing the fan coolers of my laptop, also it displays a massive vertical banner on the right side of the page (but hey, they gotta make a living), and personally, I’m working when I listen to music, I just go back to the page when I hear a song that I hate to tell it I don’t like it and skip it (but this rarely happens after you train it)

click to see how it won't work if you don't use windows, booo

There’s another option called mercora, but it just doesn’t work for everybody, only for Windows users. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! -10 to mercora for being ‘racist’ and marrying to Microsoft, they better get their s@#$! together, a lot of people is slowly moving to Mac OS and Linux – God only knows since when they have that message saying they’ll be supporting other platforms in the near future…

Easier Internationalization in LimeWire

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Many LimeWire users always come to tech support asking what can they do to have their LimeWire display on their native language. This can be done by going to the View menu, and selecting the last option, then you’ll see a submenu with all the languages available.

If you don’t speak a word of spanish, finish, portuguese, or chinese, you can imagine how hard it is to switch the language… The same for users that don’t speak a word of english and they open LimeWire only to find a program they can barely understand.

This is why I decided to embark on my first LimeWire branch ever, something that would intuitively take you to the language selection functionality.


Amazing: Demo of a MultiTouch Screen

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Watch this, and hold your jaws from dropping, let’s hope this is the future of GUI’s, I so want this for me.

It’s a demo of a new user interface prototype. Basically it allows multiple Touch input concurrently, this means, you can use all your fingers, or you can have two people or more touching the screen so you can “tap”, “scroll”, “drag”, “strech”, “join”, “separate” elements on the screen.

This is the official web page

This is a project from the NYU Media Research Lab (MRL)

La Distancia

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Todos estamos a la misma distancia de Dios. Sin embargo hay quienes todavía para hablar con él gritan, susurran, o usan intermediarios.


No hace falta tal cosa. Dios existe y vive dentro de cada uno de nosotros. Él sabe lo que hacemos, él conoce nuestros pecados, desde el mismo momento que los estamos cometiendo. La labor nuestra es aceptar ante él la culpa y demostrar el verdadero arrepentimiento.


Hablamos con Dios a diario cada vez que nos prestamos atención a nuestros propios pensamientos.


Él se manifiesta con nosotros y para nosotros. Por eso de nada sirve pedirle y cruzarse de brazos. Si le pedimos salud entonces debemos comenzar a cuidarnos bien. Si le pedimos ayuda al prójimo entonces debemos empezar por ayudarlo nosotros mismos. Si le pedimos trabajo entonces debemos comenzar a buscarlo. Si le pedimos amor entonces debemos amar.


Lo que no podemos olvidar nunca es que TODOS estamos a la misma distancia de DIOS, ni más cerca ni más lejos. Y si bien eso es cierto, pues entonces no importa donde vivas, no importa donde te encuentres, siempre estarás a la misma distancia del prójimo.


En definitiva, puedes correr o puedes esconderte, pero nunca podrás acortar la distancia entre tú y yo, y Dios, en medio del camino…

My sunset picture on

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

When I saw the outcome of this picture I knew it was good to define what the Plone Snowsprint in Austria was. Today I browsed and I found out they used my picture!!!

See the original picture in all sizes here, and do as you please with it, it’s CCed

GTalk in Gmail – First Screenshots

Friday, February 10th, 2006

Ok, fresh stuff from GMail.

I hear some people still don’t see this on their Gmail accounts, so here’s some screenshots of what you’ll see in the next hours.

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