in Gubatron

This week.

Me on Bryant Park, on a Sunny Saturday Noon of May 21st.
btw, The coffee is not mine.

As my good friend/older sister Sonia Echezuria once said, choose to be happy, I finally did, hope my wait is finally over.

On a superficial, consumist topic of things, this week I’ve been buying a lot of things I needed and also a few toys, I got me a stroller to take my laundry to the laundrymat (finally), but also went a few times to buy shit in
– 2 Acrobots
– 1 Chimp Rearview Monitor Mirror for the PC Monitor
– Perl T-Shirt (guess I bought it last week)

My 2 Acrobots on their containers

Working in LimeWire is one of the greatest things ever, its really cool to enter and see that the company you work for has the most popular download of the week, or that it is on second place. Plus also, our boss bought us all tickets to go see Star Wars on Thursday at 3:45pm, so we went! It’s really cool hanging out with a group of geniouses, you laugh and learn a lot. I would like to say to the LW team, as LimeWire User, last week I did something I could never do with eMule, I downloaded 2 692Mb files in less than one night, I went to bed at 2am, woke up at 8am, and the files were done, it was more than 1Gb in probably less than 6hours, and I understand that for the next LimeWire version there will be better support for Large files… I wonder how better can it be, you guys rock.

So we went to see the movie and they made us wait in line outside the theater to see a movie that was supposed to start at 3:45pm. All this only to find out the theater was almost empty when we got inside, they were just creating a sensation of a lot of people coming to the movies to see star wars… booo

thu may 19th, 14th st, loews theater, 3:15pm
LW Team – waiting outside an empty theater to see Episode III

Finally bought a decent bed (Full Size), now my old twin size matress will be available for any visitors that I receive.

Talking ’bout spending money, bought a Washburn Acoustic guitar, when I get the time, I’ll use it along the ipod to start catching up on my music.

So, finally I’m starting to settle more and more there’s no doubt now that I made it, just gotta keep doing a good job at work and I’ll be fine money wise.

I’ll post pictures later. gotta move to a new server first.

I feel extremely happy with my life at this point, it all paid off, happy 25 years old, more money will only bring commodities at this point… like… a car, or moving to Manhattan would be cool, but not ready now, have to take care of a few things before that, plus, need to save money.

My rearview mirror at work

PS: Thank you for making me so happy. You know who you are. I’m grateful that I met you and that you are letting me be part of your life, you’re way too cool.

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