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Photo Shoot – Sexy Geek

Here’s a photo shoot of me this weekend for all my “fans” (yeah right)

Like a 4 yr old – Hi Mom!

My girlfriend was taking the pictures, so I’m sorry to break some hearts out there, this geek is taken.

But If there’s any company out there that needs a geek model to do funny pictures for a geekish product (Sorry Microsoft, I won’t answer your messages), or If you need a geek model for a Calendar, I’m available. )

Hope you have some laughs.

Click 2 see the rest of the Photo Shoot

About this weekend.

Left the city early in the morning on Saturday, went to Syracuse and Rochester, NY.

The next morning we woke up and went to the Niagara Falls, it was really exciting to go there, specially since we planned it once we figured out we were an hour away from the falls.

We went on the classical ride of the little powerfull boat that goes and sits a few minutes in front of the falls, it’s really amazing to stand there and feel the power of nature right in front of you, you gotta try it for yourself, specially if you go with someone very dear to you, you feel like you’re hovering over the water if you look above the heads in the boat and imagine that you’re floating in the middle of these overwhelming water falls.

Something that caught my attention during our visit to the falls, was the numerous amount of Indian People there (from India), I would say about a 60% of the people that was there yesterday there were from India, hope someone one day can explain to me why, it couldn’t be a tour group, you actually felt like you were in India for a bit, would it be that Waterfalls mean something in their religion? somehow I thought this is a permanent thing in this attraction, since there were many Indian food joints all over the area.

We bought a passport to enter almost all the attractions, and we ended up doing just one, we promised ourselves to go back, and we will. Then we had to drive for more than 11 hours back to NY, and after a few missed exits and finger travelling on our road maps we finally made it home.

Today is memorial day, no office work for America, and this week will pass very quickly.

So, I’ll get back to my coding, and here’s a picture of the Geek in Niagara Falls.

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