in Gubatron

Summer is here

And after a lot of fun during the weekend, I just can say I love summer in NY.

Gubs @ Long Island with his Dream Girl

Don’t miss the videos from Central Park Today

Grupo Capoeira Brasil was there to play Capoeira all afternoon.

Close by there were so many Park parties, the one I enjoyed seeing the most was formed by a bunch of energetic dancers and skaters that danced to the beat of a DJ in the middle of the park, see the videos and you’ll see how excited people were having fun in the warm weather. Wish in my country we didn’t take for granted the fact that we have this weather all year long, we’d have more parties like this an we’d get along better, I’m sure some Venezuelans have a lot of fun, but see the video so you see what I mean, just a bunch of strangers kicking it to the beat and having a lot of fun.

Also my girlfriend helped me put together this capoeira video
I’m learning how to do a head spin, check it out.

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