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Tonight: Amigos Invisibles!!!

Really happy day today, have been waiting for it a long time.

I’m going to see Amigos Invisibles for the second time in NY City.

They’re gonna be playing on the City Latin Funk Music Festival

It’s also very exciting because I’m taking somebody very special with me, I’ve been playing all the Amigos Invisibles songs for the last couple of months and I know she’s gonna like them even more when she sees them on stage, hope they get to play a nice set to get that energy going.

Wish they had more promotion, these guys are one of the best dance bands of the world, they can play any thing from live tecno, to samba, salsa, blue, jazz, merengue, cumbia, venezuelan music, plus their lyrics are a lot of fun, mostly about sex and love, but with a very funny and teasing style, wouldn’t miss a concert for anything in the world. Make sure you buy their records and that you get to see them.

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you when I come back tomorrow.

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