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Look at me when I was still in School

Thanks to Rizmar for these pictures.

To give some context:
October 7th, 2000 – I just turned 20 yrs old, seems like I didn’t need my glasses
Caracas, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Software Engineering Computer Lab.
Second ACM Internal Programming Marathon

My teammate was Maritza Martinez, and I don’t remember if we had another teammate, I guess was Jesus Oliveira.

We chose to program in Java. Maritza was the wizkid that solved the problems, I had to code em up. I was learning Java at the time and decided to give it a try at the Marathon, other than the java.utils, and classes, one of the things that helped us a lot was having the JavaDocs on screen while everybody else would look for reference on the books.

We didn’t win, but I guess we got to solve a couple of problems.

Check the pictures.

Let’s see if you can find me

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