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Not coming back as soon as I expected

Well, I’m gonna have to move my Visa Appointment once more, which scares the shit out of me, they might tell me the next open slot if available in october, and i don’t have the resources to stay here that long.

The problem lies on the fact that I need a new passport for my visa interview, and the passport is not close of being done. With any luck I might be able to receive it next friday, or if I can find someone I can pay inside immigration, then I’ll get it by monday (sorry, but this is how things work in my counry)

Anyway, enough of the bitching, let’s hope I have nothing to worry about, I just don’t want to end up trapped in Venezuela after finally achieving a certain level of independence and stability, I don’t want to start from scratch in my country, everything is much harder here, and it seems like next year, Chavez will surely win the presidency again and things will probably be more severe in terms of a Cuban-like government, meaning, whoever gets to be stay will have a hard time getting out, so I gotta get out of here, let’s hope that once that passport gets stamped, the people in the American Embassy will read all my evidence and grant me my visa, I’ve heard cases where they don’t even see your evidence and they just say no. Let’s hope I’m not one of those.

Here are the pictures of this week:
I did a little driving in Caracas, some pictures of the Capoeira Class, and also pictures of San Antonio de los Altos, and pictures on the road getting there.

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