in Gubatron


So I was lucky enough to celebrate Halloween next to my sweetheart.

This is a picture of me on my ‘Julius Cesar’ costume, given the fact that I’m a complete addict to the Hbo ROME Series I thought this was an appropiate outfit for the ocassion. Last year I was an ‘Angel’

(Y aqui las fotos del año pasado, hmm, segundo halloween en el estado de NY)

Spent halloween at a gay club in syracuse with my girlfriend and her friends. Got drunk, and went back home wasted but happy to sleep in the arms of my beauty.

Hail Cesar!!!

So I’m finally getting back to my old new life in the city getting busy again, reading a lot of books, some for fun, some for keeping myself updated, doing capoeira like a mofo to get back in shape and feeling more confident, relaxed and loose in the roda.

And as you can see, the blog and the website ( are back online.

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