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Circular Robot Turture

Last night I dreamed about me being a detective in the future, or that’s what it seemed, I can remember only one scene about this dream.

We were interrogating a guy. I was being helped by 5 other robots like the one on that movie i-Robot. We all had samurai swords, and periodically slashed the guy so he would talk.

All of a sudden, a cellphone rings, and then one of the robot get’s a call from another robot, and they start having a very weird conversation, where they specified distances, and detailes in very specific units and they would also joke about funny metric conversions. Robot Humor, Cellphones, Samurai.

Conclusion: Robot Humor, I don’t know why. Cellphones, I saw a movie my gf did, and it mocked cellphones and marketing. Samurai, a friend got a tatoo based on a ninja symbol, probably we had ninja sword in my hands. The circle, 5 robots plus me, I don’t get it, and why we were slashing the guy while he was on a spotlight, very weird.

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