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Finally I have my Driver’s License

Here’s the list of inconvenients I had to deal with to finally obtain this little piece of plastic that makes you part of the system: Loosing my old wallet, therefore loosing my Venezuelan driver’s license…

  • Which made me take the knowledge test in New Jersey
  • Which of course I flunked 3 times in a row (god damn questions about fines and weird regulations)
  • Then waiting 3 months for an appointment for the Road Test
  • Then not being able to make it, cause I was stranded in Venezuela trying to get a new passport and visa to come back
  • Then I was late on my road test cause I took the wrong exit, and there was a lot of transit
  • When I got there, I went inside the office, asked about the road tests, and had me fill out a bunch of paper, had me sit down for 10 minutes
  • To tell me that I needed to take the road test! (wtf)
  • Then I see another line outside, there’s a sign that reads “Driving Tests”
  • 20 mins later, they tell me the road test is outside (wtf)
  • So I had to just come and park my car outside… who would’ve known???
  • Finally the instructor gets in, the car insurance expired two days ago!!! (wtf)
  • Paid $40 to rent a car from one of those driving schools
  • Got Yelled a couple times by the officer, but finally approved my driving test at once
  • Then went inside the office, and they lost my application for like 15 minutes
  • Then they didn’t understand why my dates had changed… I showed them my old passport

And finally!!!

My New Jersey Driver's License

My Driver's License

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  1. the road test was not hard at all, but I recommend renting the cars around the area, those guys will drive with you and give you a “demo” driving test. By the time you take the test you know why you might get yelled at.

    For example, I like to drive with one hand, that’s a no-no on the test 🙂