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Apple made history today

This morning all my cyber friends and all of the limewire developers were glued to our monitors watching the live feed of the Apple key note on x-chat, at the same time we all had our or our yahoo finance pages refreshing every 30 seconds seing how the stock price of AAPL was rocketing as Steve Jobs made more announcements.

Intel dual core

==bitching break==
In the meantime, I was pissed off cause I’ve been trying to open a brokerage account to buy AAPL stock, I feel that it will go to $100, and last week it was at $70 something, today it costs $80 after the keynote. Last year I found a site called, but I lost the damn site, and I haven’ t seen any banners in yahoo finance, so there was no way for me to find them (Thanks Maritza for telling me about it, I ended up opening an account in 10 minutes, thing I couldn’ t do with Scottrade [for being on an h1] or Citibank that took 2 weeks to respond and trades for $24.95 per transaction [fcuk you]), so I finally have the account, but the funds I put in it will probably take like 4 days to be on the account, god damn it. Information is power, If I only had had the “”  URL, I’d probably had made a lot of money today.
==end of bitching break==

You can see the keynote webcast here (needs quicktime or quicktime compatible player)
You can see the transcript of the keynote here

Well, as you all know by now, today was a historic day since Intel Macs are officially on the market. What’s gonna happen next? Microsoft Linux? I don’ t think so, just kidding, but seriously, I wonder if this was the best move for Apple, certainly it is for the consumer.

Will people will find a way to run the operating system on regular pcs? (I say yes)
Will this new possibility make apple loose sales but start a software empire (like Microsoft which has acknowledged in several ocassions that many of its users don’ t own a license to their operating system, but they have everyone grabbed by the balls)
Or will these new intel macs have everyone drewling over them, and once people try the OS on a regular pc, and see how cool it is when you run it on the real thing, then you end up buying more mac hardware???

Only time will tell, all I know is
/me wants one.
* gubatron wants one

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