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Open Sourcing since the early days

Back in 1998 I was on my first year of Software Engineering in UCAB, our Algorithms and Programming I (by Prof. Omar Mendez and Alvaro Rebón) course was dictated using a functional language which at the time sounded esoteric to us, Haskell. (I’m glad I started with Haskell, We knew how to break things into functions, and understood concepts like recursion very easily because of that head start, later on we continued with Modula, Pascal, C, C++ and Java)

After I finished the course and my first project (A France 98 Soccer World Cup Sim), I decided to write a guide with tricks and tips to code projects in Haskell, since the course didn’t go down to the coding details as much as I would’ve wanted it. Back then I didn’t know words like ‘best practices’, ‘documentation’ or ‘open source’, all I knew is that it was stupid hiding code since we weren’t building rockets or guns, and that everyone should make use of those things I knew would work for them.

Of course I was a student, and broke, and I managed to sell a few of them 😉

You can download it for free, you can do whatever you want with it. It’s in spanish though.

Free Haskell Guide by Gubatron – Oct 1998 – Spanish

(For those who know me from UCAB, Don’t miss the ‘Thank You’ notes at the end of the document)

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