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You know what really grinds my gears? Frasier’s Accent!

(Part of the title of this post has been taken from the Family Guy movie)

You know what really grinds my gears? Frasier!. I don’t think the show’s bad at all, it’s just different, but what bothers me about it, or what I can’t get is this…

Why if Frasier’s father is American, and speaks with an American accent, why does Frasier and his brother Nyles speak and behave like British men, those hard T’s? This lead me to think that somehow the character was British and somehow his dad was in America while he and his brother grew up…

So I told my girlfriend about this ‘gear grinding’ and she says that the charater is supposed to be an American that speaks properly… That only the maid (or Nyle’s wife) is the British one.

I suppose People on the tv news speak proper American English, and they don’t pronounce the T’s like Frasier. Plus the way Nyles and Frasier behave, if it wasn’t for their characters dating women on the show, they’d be totally gay if they weren’t British (cause there’s this thing or stereotype with British men that allows them to be a bit affeminate, I think it’s the way they talk or something, they all seem so gay to me, so tidy and bitchy about everything – not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 )

So, If anyone knows any facts about the story of these characters please let me know… I read somewhere on the internet that he was a British actor playing an american with a british accent… I need some light, these guys in some episodes speak with a strong english accent, but then on others they let out a few american softer T’s along the way/

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