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Firefox 1.6 might include Python interpreter:

Rumors say Google engineers are working on a branch of code that will allow embedding python code on the client side.

It seems finally we won’t have to deal with an Object Based language (javascript) which makes sense… Now we’ll have a true Object Oriented language running on the backend of Firefox.
This totally makes sense, its just unbelievable that the new Web 2.0 runs on one of the crapiest, and error prone language of them all. Just try to do something in Javascript and you’ll agree on this.

Now Web 2.0 apps will be easier to write, I forsee better AJAX, err, APAX frameworks, and a lot of applications migrating from the desktop to the webtop.

Now all that’s left will be convincing Microsoft to do the same, but I bet they’ll put something like .NETish there.

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