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SnowRSS is an RSS Aggregator engine I wrote in python (Licensed under the GPL).

Currently it's been under use in and its stable. It can read RSS and ATOM feeds. It uses the feedparser python module, and the MySQLdb python module to do the job.


You can only download the code from our subversion repository:

svn co svn://

Read the README.txt file (which is being updated as we go with your feedback)


python 2.4


feedparser python module

MySQLdb python module
Note: As of now SnowRSS is only the fetching engine, you need to build your own interface to display the posts it stores on the MySQL db, we'll add samples on how to do this for PHP and other languages on the samples/ folder. The idea is to eventually have a 'views' or 'guis' folder, and add SnowRSS viewers in every programming language that we need, like Ruby, Python, Perl, etc.

it's named "SnowRSS" because I started writing this on the Austrian Alps on February 2006 on a Plone Sprint. SnowRSS is an independent piece of software, and doesn' t need Plone to be used.

If you need some help on how to get it running, or you have questions about the code, you can always reach us here:

Or in IRC on -> #python-ve

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