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Installing X11 for Mac OS from the CD

So I wanted to use the GIMP, and OpenOffice, being a good Open Source boy on the new iMac.

The only problem is that you need to have X11 installed.

So first thing you do, is you google and you find this page:

which has a 43mb installer that at least for me errored out saying I had something newer installed. Then all READMEs say that if you have Tiger installed you need to install X11 from the Mac OSX installation disc.

If you go to the disc and try to install from the Install Bundled Software Only you are not going to find it.

After wasting time, I found a the silver bullet on the disc:


Then after I installed, on the Root of the Disc I saw another Icon called "Optional Installs", guess what? It was there also…

Anyway, I hope you find this post if you're in the same trouble I didn't read anything on apple's site on how to get to it on the disc.

Oh, and one cool thing you get by installing X11 -> xterm (yay!)

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