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Gubatron’s blog now in PlanetaOnline.

Greetings to the people of since they promptly added this blog to their rooster of bloggers. My best wishes to their project.

Guby has been pretty busy latetly, to those who follow what I do, you probably heard the 7 podcast episodes I recorded for our main page,, in this process I learned to create much better podcasts than the past episodes for recorded for So this only means, the next episode will be cool as hell, and I might bring a Venezuelan geek/hacker to talk about how he installed Mac OS X on his PC, step by step.

If you’re a stalker, you probably noticed how I’m not part of anymore, my greetings to all the people at LimeWire, best wishes for their project. Also, you may have noticed (that is if you’re stalking me again) I’m oficially a member of the FrostWire project, on which I hope I’ll be able to contribute a bit more to the client itself (Let’s hope I’ll find the time, or become a much better developer as time goes on, so that I can do all the things I want).

If you’ve been checking the subversion logs (svn log svn:// you’ll see the activity on the SnowRSS project, several bugs have been fixed, and we’re gonna start working on supporting podcast media per post, and language association to each blogs. Patches are welcome 🙂

So, many ideas, we’re also in the process of opening’s source code (not that big a deal anyway), basically cause we want your help, in exchange I’ll offer you the chance to learn how to work in an open source environment, how to use subversion, how to send patches, and how to use your judgement to let me know how our code sucks now (which I know will suck, it’s so messy….)

Hang in there for the next podcast, will probably contain stuff about this new craze on the internet where everybody wants to do lots of things I had written down on my sketch books when I first came to NY (social networking), so now, I suppose what’s on my sketchbook, will probably kick off in the next year or two, and this time I won’t waste time 🙂


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