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Weekend changelog on

Changelog for the weekend of Apr 21st 2006.

– Pagination used to be 1,2,3 being 1 the latest posts. This was wrong, since a page would never have the same content. So now, we make 1, the page with the first posts ever, that way search engines will be able to index content properly.

– Pagination links axed. Now we have a simple combo box, it will be big, but at least you can jump to any page, from any page. This works also for bloggers with more than 30 posts.

– Added some scriptaculous effects to the blog thumbnail. When you put your mouse over there’s a ghetto border, and when you click on them, they flash you. Just to add a little life to it and demonstrate interaction.

– Added a “Hide” link next to “Read more…” on every post. If you click hide, it’ll do a nice scriptaculous effect to hide the post and roll up the lower posts, this way, if you want to read every new in a page, you dont have to scroll. Not that useful for people who like to scroll, or look for a specific new. If you refresh the page, the news will be shown again. Maybe we could use cookies to save hidden preferences and have somewhere an user preferences to clear the cookies (or they could just clean the cookies themselve, but not everybody is a geek like you)

– Brought back Lyric Browse and Lyric Search. (Soon we’ll have signup again, and lyric addition, but we want to improve considerably the control panel, and probably add lyrics revisions, also make lyrics behave as a wiki so that everyone can edit them, only problem is spam, captcha might help… ugh so much work, need help)

– Lots of CSS fixes

– Handled exception on unexistant blog id, it will default to show all blogs

– Made homepage tableless

– Put google ads on the bottom of the page on redirect. Will think of ways to make this not so annoying in the near future. Maybe have it appear randomly, have different sizes, or another kind of important info down there. Might use it to promote non-profit projects like FrostWire, or LinuxMachos.

Show Statistics per blog, Show overall Statistics, SnowRSS language opsurt, SnowRSS tag keyword support, show how long ago the post was added, along with the date, add tag based post search, add more blogs in english.

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