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Episode 0006 – How to get an IT job in 20 days

In this podcast I talk about what’s going on with, what’s going on with this blog, and then I’ll start telling you my best practices on job hunting.

  • How to look for job postings?
  • How to write a cover letter for IT companies
  • The first phone contacts
  • What to do before the first interview
  • The salesman metaphor
  • It’s all about the company, not about you
  • No no’s
  • Negotiating after the offer

And a lot of tiny little details.

PS: I’m sorry for the echo, my headsets were echoing my voice, I didn’t record it again cause this was unscripted, and I don’t think it would’ve come out as good as it did, you won’t even notice it if you pay a lot of attention to what I say.

Good luck on your job hunt.

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