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KDE Multimedia 2006

I hope my friend Kakei reads this post, we sure have complained a lot about Linux’s multimedia support, this way he’ll know something is being done. Look!

From the 26th to the 28th of May, an international KDE developer meeting about multimedia will take place in the Annahoeve in the Netherlands. Its aim will be to make the pervasive role of multimedia less of a burden to manage for users and developers.

People experience multimedia every day. Sound and animation are as common as written text. With the advent of more powerfull desktop computers, users want to be able to have the same experience while working at their computer as in real life. They want to play and organize their favorite music, watch a movie, and burn their own CDs and DVDs without having to put great effort into getting the respective applications to work. A professional desktop environment should aim to offer these by default, with good support for the majority of possible hardware configurations, in order to gain a solid user base.

So I found out about this through the amarok developer list, some of the team members are arranging meetings in Amsterdam, Hostel rooms, presentations,etc. Must be very exciting to be there for the KDE Multimedia 2006.

It’s amazing how such a great system is put together with people from all over the world.

The Agenda reminds me of the Plone Sprint I attended in Austria in February this year. Coding, Fun, Coding, a few informal presentations of what teams are working on, and at the end of the day wrap ups where everybody says what they’ve accomplished, plus also discussing and asking question to teams doing related work. Wish I could be there on the KDE Multimedia 2006, but first I guess I should become a KDE dev. :p

Hopefully we’ll do something similar for ,Frostwire in the future.

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