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Macs aren’t as gay anymore

I remember I used to hear, and still hear from Intel PC users, the phrase:

Macs are gay

And I believe this was the case before Mac announced they’d go to use Intel processors.

More and more I see how former PC users make the shift to Mac, and more interestingly, software developers are using them too, they have proven to be a much better development environment than Windows (although serious software developers use Linux of course). As I meet hardcore opensource developers, java developers, web developers and bloggers, I see them with Mac notebooks under the arm.

Most of them keep running Mac OSX with lots of Open Source software on it, I’m one of them. With my terminal, emacs, Firefox and all it’s developer extensions

So, I can say for myself, my Mac fulfills all my needs, Mac OSX behaves like a Linux with Sound/Video editing software, the only thing you need to overcome is dealing with the damn Apple key and having to drag windows by the title bar only.

What are you waiting for? Your last excuse would’ve been saying “Macs are gay”
now it’s not an excuse anymore, dare to try something different. If you’re a Linux user
the switch will be very simple, for Windows users maybe not as much, but you won’t ever
want to go back once you learn how to live without it, everything works.

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