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X-Men III – The best of the 3

I went yesterday to the opening of X-Men III, and I found it as the best of the 3 movies (Wish it had been this way for the Matrix, my favorite is the second, the third had a too simple ending)

I was expecting a lot from the Da Vinci code, but they couldn’t make it as rich as the book because there’s moronic people in the world who wouldn’t understand or appreciate the historic details, the simbology explanations of the book or better yet, the code breaking. So, I guess that’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much, it was good though.

But this year, the movie I’ve enjoyed more, the one that kept me entertained, laughing, and didn’t let me blink was X-Men III, I truly recommend this film, specially if you saw the last 2 installments.

The second movie I enjoyed more from what this year has brought us has been V for Vendetta, there was a lot of political message and hints of how fucked up our political systems are while they present a great story.

Now I’m looking forward to see “An Inconvenient Truth” a film about the effects of global warming, you should see the trailer, it’s a film presented by Al-Gore, who maybe doing a little political campaign while creating awareness of this problem.

So, don’t wait another second and get your tickets to see X-Men III this weekend.

Oh. and reading user comments I found out that there’s a scene at the end of the credits, which I missed cause I stormed out of the theater, so I have a legitimate reason to go see it again, grrrr.

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