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The Fat Tax

I think the only way to end with the Fat people in america is to call for a Fat Tax.

My initial proposal would be to tax per every pound extra, per month, there should be standards defined based on your age and size.

Say something like one dolar per extra pound a month would do the trick. Millions of dollars could be used towards Health care and to those that declare themselves as hopelessly fat (which is bullcrap cause I saw that show called The Biggest Looser, and big whales ended up skinny with a lot of hard work) could get liposuctions and treatment from all that money.

What do you say? How do we propose the Fat Tax? $1 per extra pound a month!

Ha, I was doing a little research and it seems I’m not so crazy:

Should we tax the fatties?

Forbes Magazine – The Fat Tax: A Controversial Tool in War Against Obesit

WHO Wants a Fat Tax?

Fat Tax on Wikipedia

It seems there would be other benefits like better distribution of food, imagine all the food that could be used for the hungry.

So I think I’m not so crazy then.

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