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GTA IV Building Size Teaser in Canal Street, New York

On March 27th of 2007 I was walking to work then, on the corner of Canal and Greene St. my eyes could not help to stare what they’ve only seen before on a web teaser countdown for a GTA IV Trailer a few weeks back. [GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto as in one of the best video games franchises ever to be released]

These are the pictures of a building size banner that has the letters “IV”. To someone that’s not in the scene of Grand Theft Auto, this is absolutely irrelevant, it might bring some curious people, but for those of us that know about it, we’re like, damn, Rockstar’s marketers are starting to play with my head, they want my $50.

The Teaser has a countdown for the Trailer of the game, I repeat FOR THE TRAILER, not even the launch date…

Talk about creating Hype.

By the end of the marketing campaign for this game, I bet some people are gonna be sleeping by the video game shops the night before it’s released.

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  1. That’s nothing gubatron.

    Compare to the huge Chavez ads we have here in every f$cking corner, that’s nothing! xDDD

    Hey, do you know if the best game ever (gotta be the best, killing hookers with a bat, priceless!) it’s gonna be released only for PS3?

    If so, bye bye Wii