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Fuck the Python Borg, I like Singleton Better

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I’ve read in parts of the web (and on the Martinelli’s Python Cookbok) that it’s better to do the Borg pattern over singletons, they say something alongs the lines of:

“who cares about identity, care about shared state”

Coming from the Java world, I just can’t understand that, why waste memory and cpu to address objects that share a state when you can have a single object in memory.

If you’re looking on how to implement singleton in a simple manner with Python, do the following my friend:

class MyClass:
  __INSTANCE__ = None

  def __init__(self):
    #do whatever you need on your constructor

  def getInstance():
    if MyClass.__INSTANCE__ is None:
      MyClass.__INSTANCE__ = MyClass()
    return MyClass.__INSTANCE__

#Then use it.
theOne = MyClass.getInstance()

Done deal, now start trolling on why this code sucks so we can fix it.

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