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DON’T BUY PLANE TICKETS FROM ME! – My Identity has been Stolen by a Scam Artist

So today I found out someone used the picture that I have on this blog where I’m holding a driver license (I blurred the number of the license),
still he’s using it just to give confidence to his victims.

He says he used to live in the US, and shows my picture holding the driver license saying “Here’s me with my NY Driver License”, he uses my name, and even has created a whole story around me being a computer geek. He even sends a picture of his fake MIT Degree with honors to give confidence to his victims.

The money gets sent somewhere in asia, and he’s pretty hard to trace, so just don’t buy any airplane tickets from me, I don’t do that.

There are some references online to the same bastard.


Here’s the post he used in Craigslist to scam his latest victims


Hi [VictimNameHere],

Here are the updated payment instructions. It would be helpful if you could take the email 
with you to the bank as some of the information below will have to be included in the bank's transfer form.
1-- Please visit one of the Reisebank branches I mentioned in my earlier email.
2-- Fill up the "Bargeld Versenden" form. Send your payment to my wife:
Vireak Buth (Nachname: BUTH; Vorname: Vireak)
Vireak Buth, Customer Relations Manager
Singapore Commercial Bank (SBC)
Boulevard Nehru
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The bank's form might ask for the recipient's contact phone number. Please put my New York number
 as it is autodiverted to the Cambodian network via satellite. Here it is: +1-315-285-4379.
 If anyone calls that number, we can be reached day and night but it is very expensive 
for us due to satellite connection rates for USA to Cambodia, i.e. if someone calls us, 
we have to pay for that person's call to be diverted from New York to Cambodia. 
The local phone company here is unreliable and it is very hard to get a clear connection.
On the transfer form, you will be asked to specify the destination of your payment. 
Please indicate "Cambodia".
The Reisebank has a transfer fee for their "Blitzueberweisung" service. In mutual fairness, 
please pay for that fee separately. I will be responsible for the Fedex delivery fee of 
these vouchers to your Berlin address. Fedex from Cambodia to Germany is about 3 business days.
Total for 2 Northwest/KLM vouchers: 600 euros
For 3 vouchers: 850 euros (50 euro discount if taking all three)
If you take the third voucher, it is valid until April 2008. Either you or someone else can use 
it for a future roundtrip. It would also be the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, as it is a 
nameless or bearer voucher (Ueberbringergutschein). The third voucher could be yours for 
250 euros on top of the 600 euros for the two vouchers you and Alex want.
Here in Cambodia it will not be possible to claim your transferred money without the MTCN
(money transfer control number). This will be found on bank's receipt.
 You will get one after you finish the transaction at Reisebank.
When you have completed the transfer, kindly email me the full name of the sender of the
payment, i.e. the person who completed the payment at Reisebank. I will also need the MTCN or 
money transfer control number which would be on the bank's receipt (Quittung).

Please be careful when sending money to strangers on the internet.

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