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Upcoming Movies where New York gets Destroyed


Click here for QuickTime Trailer

Or what I’d call, the Last Man Standing. I saw this trailer in the movie theater last night and really felt like going to see this movie. Being a New York resident its always impressive to see the city you live getting destroyed or changed so much after something that seems world war three or some kind of mankind elimination, specially when the trailer tells you something you often joke about with friends, which is “What would you do if you were the last man on earth?” (I like to put it more if it was me being the last man on earth with other 10 women and it was up to me to populate the earth)

If you don’t have quicktime, just hit play below to see it right here:

The misterious trailer right before transformers

But then I saw another trailer, which I could not get the name of the movie. It was shot with a home video camera, people were at an apartment somewhere in Broadway (Manhattan), they were basically like saying goodbye to a guy that was going to leave to Japan, and if I remember correctly, the lights go out, it feels like an earthquake, the camera goes to the window (it’s night time), and then there’w a HUGHE explosion coming from South Manhattan, people start running out of the apartment, sound goes in and out (the sound gets a lot better in the theater at this point If I remember correctly), then they go out the street, and swarms of people are running from south broadway, and you can see like a bunch of balls of fire falling everywhere, the camera runs, its really scary (I couldn’t help to think how scary it’d be if we were at war, the trailer with that camera made it feel more real), and then a Big metal piece, like the size of car falls on broadway, the camera turns, its the head of the statue of liberty, then I was so amazed I couldn’t tell the name of the movie, but a friend told me they didn’t put it, if somebody knows, please let me know what the name is.


So this is why the internet is beautiful, yesterday at lunch I told my friends about this trailer, and they were like, ah sure, whatever, but with the internet you get geeks like you that get excited about these really cool things, that in the end will make billions of dollars (like for example, the same thing happened to me the first time I read about The Matrix and nobody gave a shit when I told them about it, and now its a classic trilogy), so maybe this will be one of those things.

Thanks to RoRRO, Sebastian and JM for the info. They tell us this misterious trailer is an unwrapped project by J.J. Abrams, people have begun to take their cellphones to record the trailer on the movie theather, and all we have is this misterious website.

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  1. The name of that second movie is 1-18-08…

    …or Cloverfield…

    …or God knows what…!

    It’s by J.J. Abrams (he of Alias fame) and it’s being kept very much under wraps at this point…but you can always go and check the website:

  2. There is no “official name” on that one, is a project by JJ Abrams the guy that created LOST and Alias. I believe the code name is 1-18-08 because of the date that shows on one of the recordings.

  3. I remember the first thing I thought about was Godzilla… again? but done right?

    Thanks SD, guess you’re a movie geek as well.

    And so it seems this guy JJ is the master of suspense nowadays. Do you guys know if he stopped producing lost for the last season, its like all went down on the last one. The first and second were really good.