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Joost beta goes open for everybody, no more invites.

Last week P2P-TV company Joost quietly released a 1.0 version of its p2p-tv-client with a revamped interface (on which I could reproduce at least 3 or 4 bugs that I tried to report on their forums).

Joost Search Result UI from 1.0

Today October 1st, they seem to have removed the invite only downloads and you can just go ahead and download it here.

For those enthusiast Mac users that tried this beta last friday, it seems that this is actually a hot fixed version of their application, the installer released last friday would freeze when you tried to shutdown the client.

If you’re still having this problem, just download a new installer from their site and the problem should be gone, those developers were probably coding hard during the weekend.

Let’s see if they’re really to handle some real load, interesting day for Joost developers.

Gubatron is a software developer in New York City, currently lead developer of p2p open source project FrostWire, and partner at, during the day he works for a mysterious company called Temboo in Tribeca.

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  1. My bandwidth isn’t eigher, 1mbps ( but is good. I’ve watched two entire films on Cine Latino, independent brazilian films and the experience was really good. I also like watching Ministry of Sound channel. I havent upgraded yet, i’ll surely do this week

  2. I’d like to see what licenses Joost is using, I understand most of the components they use for their client are open sourced. I’m thinking if there’s at least a GPL component in there they should open their source code.

    This would be a pretty interesting holly war to start.

    It’d be really amazing to have our hands on joost code and create an open p2p tv network.

  3. i think there’s one right now, dont know if veoh or something, but it works that way allowing independent filmakers to upload their content over the p2p network, a nice looking catalog and all that fancy stuff, but is not opensource actually is more like a hi quality p2p youtube. my cousing showed it to me a couple of months ago.
    there’s veoh, stage 6 (divx) and democracy player, the thing is that all the developers should work on the peer to peer technolgies, not only for giving a breath to their own bandwidth but the fact that you can get your content stremed much faster if you’re downloading from many sources at the same time. remember th main problem of IPTV and online streming is not the download but the upload from the server.