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How to Enter the Sims 2 Cheat Codes on the Xbox 360

So after spending like 2 hours, I finally figured out some missing information from all the pages out there that tell you how to enter cheat codes on the Xbox 360 if you use a compatible Xbox Game

The xbox 360 controller lacks the white and black buttons (this is explained everywhere), so on the cheat codes when they refer to the Black button, this means you gotta hit the Right Bumper (which is the button right above the Right Trigger).

Now, what they don’t tell you is, that when they say “Left” or “Right”, they mean “Left Trigger” and “Right Trigger”, sons of bitches.

Here are all the Cheat Codes, you can enter them during regular Game Play, meaning, when your Sim is walking around.

When you enter a Cheat Code correctly you will hear the voice of a woman Yawning, if you enter the same cheat code again, you will hear a “Uh-Uh” voice with a negative sound to it.

Once a first code is entered, you’ll see a small white pole in the front of your property, this is called the “Cheat Gnome“.

So remember:

Left -> Left Trigger
Right -> Right Trigger
White -> Left Bumper
Black -> Right Bumper

When they say D-Pad, they mean the Directional pad on the center of your Xbox 360, the one that looks like the good old directional pad of the old NES.

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