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Thougts about world domination

After seeing Zeitgeist – The Movie, 2007 a couple times, these are the thougts in my mind.

World Bankers use:

  • Myths:
    • Religions (which go untaxed, and collect billions of dollars)
    • Terrorism (the faceless and impossible to beat enemy we can chase forever)
  • Distractions:
    • Media (controlled press, movies)
    • Consumist Culture (a lot of people have no clue what to spend their money on, so they buy themselves into what’s fashionable, which is promoted by the media)
    • Mediocre Educational Systems
    • Video Games, Movies (which distract me a lot)
  • War (to print more money which is borrowed at interest)
  • Oil (for which they control the supply and pricing, and pretty much enslaves the world)

And all of this uses the money that they print.

The Myths help bankers to create fear, with fear people accept Wars, Invasions, Rendition of Civil rights, all with a nodding fearful smile, just as long as we are safe and we’re doing the right thing according to our morals and religious beliefs.

The entertainment serves as a bubble, so we don’t bother in looking for the truth ourselves. You just need to see at Jib Jab’s video about all the things that happened in 2007 and you’ll see how well entertained we were while the oil price went to $100, and while a lot of people died all over the world in wars that are funded by bankers which lend the money at interest. I sometimes think, is there really an energy crisis? isn’t it also media bullshit so that markets panic and the oil prices keep getting higher? If these theories are true, the “men behind the curtains” are awesomely smart and powerful.

So what do we do?

I intend to use this knowledge and become a banker myself or at least as close to that as I can, the system is too hard to beat, since people accept the enslavery willingfully. Others might prefer becoming hippies with no possesions, others just don’t give a shit and will still act as the slaves they were meant to be.

Can you beat the system? I don’t think so.

How do you convince people that they really don’t need to believe in God, that there’s no such need and that it doesn’t exist? why do they blindly and massively believe in a myth? Why don’t they use their time on better things than praying (having mental monologues) and giving money to churches on which they get politically endoctrinated on sundays?

Another thing we can do, is starting to look for the truth by ourselves. Maybe things are the way they are, and Zeitgeist is just one big conspiracy theory, however it presents some facts about religion, wars and banks that you can’t help to think about.

If you want to feel like a slave, just go up and fill your gas tank, and look at the toll go up fast as hell while all you can think is “please stop, please stop, please stop”, and then end up paying $50 to fill up your tank.

I wanna be a world banker when I grow up, if you have a better idea on what to do to beat the system please leave a reply or two.

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  1. how very insightful….it actually makes more sense than i care to admit. Maybe I should become a peniless hippie and STICK IT TO THE MAN.
    or i could just make my album and hope it has a positive impact.