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Girl reading her Amazon Kindle, 86st Subway Station, New York (Jan,2008)

Girl reading her Amazon Kindle, 86st Subway Station, New York

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On our way back from the museum, back in January, I had to sneak out my camera to take a picture of the first Amazon Kindle I got to put my eyes on.

She was an asian girl who probably has something to do with amazon, cause this devices were sold out the minute they came out.

The device is pretty amazing, but I’m not sure If I’d spend $400 on it.

Eventually this is what the subway will be like in the future, everybody holding digital books, to read books, blogs, news… no more deciding which book to bring with us today.

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  1. I just found this page through a random Google search. Boy, you were correct in your prediction. It is hard to count the number of Kindles on the morning commute. Congrats. You could become a futurist.


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