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Mogulus broadcasts to over 8500 concurrent viewers

Mogulus broadcasts to over 8500 concurrent viewers
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Today at noon Joost did another one of their live tests by broadcasting 3 concurrent March Madness NCAA Basketball games. The quality could be better, but I won’t give a final opinion after they finish their testing periods and when they finally activate p2p streaming on live, currently it’s all coming from their servers.

However tonight I went to and I was amazed to see the amount of users it can support concurrently.

Some dude was (ilegally) streaming Fox Sports (before the mogulus team would catch him and shutdown the channel), some soccer game from La Copa America, and the entire platform had over 10 thousand concurrent users.

On that single channel, after I took this screenshot it actually peaked at 8645 concurrent viewers. Some interesting details, is that this was a soccer game, not common among americans, but very common among hispanics. Mogulus has no advertisement whatsoever, it’s all word of mouth. I guess live TV on the internet could be a great business

Just imagine what’ll happen with the Olympics, or when we have the next Fifa world cup, which was pretty hard to watch over the internet last time while we all were at work and no US TV channel cared for it. Viewers will flock by the 10s or 100s of thousands, and they’ll all be trackable. Joost better pulls this off with p2p, it seems it will be very expensive doing it with a client-server scheme.

My question now is…

Should YouTube buy Streaming Technology to do YouTube Live?

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