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Manny Escuela – GTA IV Latin Character

If you haven’t, head to Rock Star Games and start getting a load of all the fictional marketing on Liberty City.

The city map as expected resembles quite a lot the maps of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and New Jersey.

I found this on the Bronx like area of Liberty City, it’s some kind of Latin character called Manny Escuela, it seems they’re recording some kind of Reggaeton Music Video during the game:

So far I’ve seen videos of other ethnic mafias, such as Italian (Jersey-like side), Russian, Albanian, Jamaican and Irish.

The similarities between Liberty City and New York are amazing, this is a picture of the main character flying over the city and looking at what in real life is Queens and northern brooklyn (where I live)
See how they made a building resembling the Queens Citi tower.

The game is finally coming out at the end of this month, it looks light years ahead of anything else that’s come out for any console, can’t wait to be playing it with my friends (yes, its the first multiplayer-gta)

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