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What is it?

In short, it’s a twitter clone, a time waster, with a little more thought into it. Is it more complex? Maybe not, sometimes the right added functionality makes life easier for people.

Why you should try it?

I tried Jaiku, Pwnce, FriendFeed and Twitter, and stayed with Twitter. I’m actually proud to say that I’ve sent 6,801 Twitts that have landed me 390 twitter followers, and this is probably the hardest thing about switching from Twitter to another competitor, as good as it may be.

But from last week I’ve been hearing about Plurk, and today after some good web-reputable friends joined I decided to give it a try (see the power of web-prestige?), before they joined I just thought… “another twitter competitor”.

The added functionality might make things better, it’s probably the evolution of micro-blogging happening, and twitter needs better competition in order to get better.

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