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Google’s Chrome, no extensions? then no go

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t read any mention of Browser extensions on the chrome document, I read about plugins (these are more like Flash plugin and what not), but nothing about extensions.

This probably means:
– No StumbleUpon toolbar 🙁 (I’m a addict, I feel crippled with chrome because of this)
– No Cool Iris
– No Twitter extensions
– No weather extensions
– No firebug-like extensions
– No toolbars of any kind
– No Synced bookmarks

This means a lot of businesses would die if people were to embrace an extension-less browser. I think it’s a little scary when you allow one of the most important websites of the world to run the browser industry. Let’s hope people will stay distributed around IE, Mozilla, Safari and chrome, and that they don’t become the defacto browser, cause then they would really run the show.

Remember Google, don’t be evil, right?

Confirmed, no extensions as of this writing are available.

Taken from the Chromium developer FAQ:

Q. How can I develop extensions for Chromium like in Firefox?
A. Chromium doesn’t have an extension system yet. This is something we’re interested in adding in a future version.

To Mac Geeks
If you want to build it for mac, you can (supposedly, I’m in the process off, I’ll post screenshots or video if I manage to do it sucessfully)

Here are instructions

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