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Geek T-Shirt Collection #3 – CSS Protest / was one of my personal efforts from school, with it I learned a lot about web development, technology, news, and the tech industry since it was a blog before the term was even invented.

During those times, I was learning CSS, and I had to learn about centering elements, I always found it very annoying that you could float elements to the left, or to the right, but there was no “float:center”, and you had to go through all this hoops to do what in the past, we could do just by using the <center/> tag.

This is a self made tshirt, ordered at


More recently became a spanish podcast that reviewed the latest happenings in the Internet, Technology and entertainment industries. Me along La Tati did a series of 75 weekly episodes, until the end of the spring of 2008 where my work got pretty hectic and I couldn’t find more time to continue recording, editing, and distributing the podcasts. It reached well over 1500 weekly subscribers listening to it, and we still get mails from users asking for the podcast to come back. Maybe in 2009 🙂

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