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Swine Flu FML

Today, I took my kid to a pig farm near Mexico City, I think I let him get a little too close to the animals, FML

But more seriously, leave a comment if you think the whole Swine Flu is total BS to keep once again the world in fear and have them worry about stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Just check the price of oil today (dropping), and the prices of small pharmaceutical companies on the stock market (some doubling today)

World Domination BS… don’t fall for it.

Who benefits from Swine Flu

  • The US tourism industry by keeping millions of dollars from going to mexico. Just one airplane going to Cancun from say Florida, will take about 300 passengers. In average each passenger will spend at least about $1,000. That’s $300k a pop. I’d imagine there’s at least 10 flights a day going to Cancun from several destinations in the US. That’s $3MM that stay in the US or go somewhere else. Now multiply this by the number of touristic destinations in Mexico plus flights that come from other countries. Their economy must be bleeding tens of millions a day because of this.
  • Companies that use pork derived products, now they can get pork for a lot cheaper. Think McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burguer King, Super market chains. Buy low, sell high
  • 3M has had to step up their mask production to keep up with the demand coming from CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical companies related to vaccine R&D

In the meantime, I see nothing but a pattern of destructive media against mexico, first it was the Drug lord wars, then Swine Flu, and more recently an Earth Quake (I totally believe the US must have weapons to produce earthquakes, it’s the perfect attack, you can blame it on mother nature)

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