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I wish Michael Jackson…

Faked his death, made millions and millions on all the PR he got these past couple of weeks, and the night he got buried, at midnight, he comes back to life dressed as a zombie and dances thriller.
The only POP singer to come back from the death.


I wish a month from now, he releases a video saying something like this:

“Hi World, If you see this, it means I’m dead and long gone from the physical world. However I love you so much, and I know that you’ll miss me. During the last years of musical silence I’ve recorded over 100 new songs, and I’ll be releasing a new record every year so that you have more Michael Jackson to enjoy for the next decade.
I love you”

Wouldn’t that be cool?

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  1. Last one, most likely to happen. BUT… As I said before, He’s not dead. He just turned into a robot, then a space ship, and went home to the center of the milky way.

  2. It all sounds like something that Michael Jackson would do and it would be great if he so called would suddenly spring back from the dead with an extension to Thriller maybe. But this time I believe it’s for real. M.J. is gone and I reall pray that he was at peace with God. I’d hate to think that someone to be as big as he was here on earth would not have made it to the place where I hope we all want to go at the end of the day. I really love M.J. and I’m still overwhelmed at what has happened to him; but hey we all do have to leave this world one day right. Maybe God allowed this to happen so that there would be room for someone else to move up the ladder. In my opinion as long as Mj was here there was no entertainer as great.
    Well; as I said this is all my opinion.