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Dream: Export Company Dream

I was at a restaurant, it was so full they had a buffer table outside, I sat there to wait for Mauricio who was going to meet me. There was a man siting there, he was reading the menu. All of a sudden Luis Coa came, he greeted Mauricio with a handshake, he shook my hands with two hands, like a politician. Then he said “Hi Dad”, then we all laughed and said how small the world is, I told the that this was very funny since I thought recently about the way humans trust each other. It only takes a single node of trust to let us do things we’d never dream of with complete strangers.

Minutes later we were talking business, I’m not sure if it was his dad but I know I was supposed to start up an export company in Miami.

Then I’m in New York, somewhere in Brooklyn or Astoria, I had to look up for my mom since I was bringing her down to Miami, she did not live with Nicole. She lived atop a latin restaurant that now was claiming was a healthy place. Outside there was a sign that said “I Lost ___ pounds eating at [I can’t remember the name of the restaurant]”, and when I saw it I was like “yeah right”.

I went up stairs, now I remember, this place reminds me of the first room I got in West New York, NJ. It was old, seemed unsafe, and I barely fit through the spiral stairs which were surrounded by white metal bars. I only had the key to downstairs, before I called my mom looked out and saw me, can’t remember what she said.

Next thing we’re somewhere far, the dream or what I remember from it mixes parts from a long river with yellow transparent waters, a beach area of my childhood, and the mountains of la guaira. It was day but it looked like the night. Then I was showing my mom about a kid who could control the water, and he and a friend came close to where we stood, some sort of cement pier, they came with surfboards and they controlled the water. Then I told her how she should see what he does in the winter with almost frozen water.

She told me to jump and swim in front of them, I looked down, there were rocks at the bottom, but very far down, there was somebody walking down there without a tank, and I said to her no way, she asked why, I bullshitted her about the rocks, I was just afraid to jump.

The water I remember had like a membrane of dirt on top.

I can’t remember much more, but I know the dream goes on to a part where I’m doing some exports and everything is doing well.

September 24th 2009
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