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Geek T-Shirt Collection #18 – sick PWNAGE!

Geekshirt #18 - Sick PWNAGE! - (front)

After working with Fitim and the crew at MyBloop, them being avid Starcraft, Diablo, WOW, Warhammer and many other RPG style games, they instilled in me the phrase “To Pwn” or “Pwnage” whenever we did something difficult in terms of programming or linux hacking when working on It was a way to say that we’d be superior to other developers who had no clue about the shit we were pulling off on that bare-bones-cheap-custom-hardware-file-server-cluster-web-app of ours.

Geekshirt #18 - Sick PWNAGE! - (back)

When something was over the top we’d say “Sick Pnwage”. If we’d be coding during the weekend we’d say “I’ll be Pwning this weekend”, and so on.

I liked the phrase so much that had to make a t-shirt to commemorate it for years to come.

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  1. I know this isn’t the right place, but I didn’t know where else to ask. I wanted to go back to MyBloop, but it looks like it evaporated. What happened? Thanks in advance! -Christoph

  2. Hi there,

    haven’t heard from you guys from a while. I’ve seen that the mybloop site is not working, but I thought that it’s just another hosting problem or something like that.
    Many days,weeks,months have passed since then. So whats up?? Why aren’t you commenting on this topic or post on the mybloop blog?
    It would be really nice for all those account holders to know whats up.
    Hope you respond.


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