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Seismic Warfare Benefit list

Disclaimer: I fucking hate communism, but I’m a card carrying member of the conspiracy-theorists club.

My disclaimer is because recently president Hugo Chavez publicly accused the US government of using seismic weapon technology over Haiti in order to perform a military invasion. I hate the son of a bitch to pieces, but I can’t help to agree with him on this one.

For years I’ve joked about government being responsible for strong earthquakes or when warning ones hit nations (whenever the puppet dictators want to do things their way), so don’t think by any means that I got this idea from Hugo Chavez, but I found it interesting that a president of a nation actually had the balls (or the crazy loosened bolts) to make such an accusation openly. The world is not as crazy as me to digest such things. However with this post I intend to explain why it makes perfect sense to have tectonic weaponry.

Seismic Weapons can’t be more complex than Nuclear weapons
I believe that if in the 1950s we already had the ability to split the atom, why is it so crazy to believe that we NOW have weapons to create natural disasters? being earthquakes the easiest to create, just a big ass explosion, or several ones on the right spot(s) deep underground. Let your mind fly and it’s also doable causing other natural disasters like tsunamis or even hurricanes, we [humans] are smart motherfuckers when it comes to destruction.

Benefits of Seismic Weaponry

Imagine you are president Obama and you’re being briefed by high command military to make the decision to preemptively invade a nation for strategic purposes. The top generals enumerate the following benefits about Seismic Warfare:

  • There is nobody to blame. And even if they blame us, it’s so far fetched that nobody will believe it.
  • There are no battles to fight. We don’t loose any of our men.
  • We go in to help rebuild and heal. We are looked upon as the heroes. Great for international perception and politics.
  • No post-combat traumas to deal with, health care savings in soldier treatment, lower suicide rates.
  • We can destroy as much or even more, further attacks are just seen as normal earthquake replicas in case we don’t take down intended targets.
  • You don’t need to justify or create conflict to get our boys in. No need to attack our own people and blame it on terrorist groups or dictators, no need to blame anybody for having weapons of mass destruction, it’s as clean as it gets Mr. President, no politics or red tape involved.

If the US doesn’t have seismic weapons I hope they’re building them, if a lame ass individual like me can think of this, I don’t see why people with billion dollar military budgets and a bunch of geniuses working for them couldn’t think the same.

But again it’s all Just a conspiracy theory, any resemblance with reality is just a coincidence. This would make such a great season of 24.

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