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Google’s Financial Trading Team might have way too much advantage

Someone who commented at Silicon Alley Insider seems to think like me:

How do you know the traders are not breaching the trust between Google’s customers and Google by using information gleaned from say gmail, google docs, android, google voice, google maps, google’s calendar, google buzz, orkut, etc.?

Susan: Hey Jack did you hear the rumor that P&G is thinking about purchasing X?

Jack: No. Let’s see what we can find about the CEO.

Susan: Sure. I saw in a picture once that she has an Android. Let’s use maps, calendar, docs, and voice to see whether, she has been talking to X, physically been to X, scheduled to meet with X, or written about X, or searched about X recently.

Jack: Good idea

How about this

Paul: Kerkorian has a meeting with Hilton and certainly been googling, etc. about Hilton a lot recently, and has been going to his lawyers a lot. His activity is similar to what he did before when he tried a hostile take over of Y.

Jennifer: We should buy some stock just in case.

Jack: Great idea.

Hopes this helps.

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