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Bitbucket or Github?

This week we have to make a final choice of what technology will be used to replace our somewhat big subversion repository (2 Gigs). Huge imports are beginning to be a pain and we’re tired of the .svn folders and not being able to commit if the central server is down. 

As time passed we become more paranoid and started making automated backups of the repo using good old rsync, so we’ve organically saw the need for a distributed option that can let us commit our work even if we’re online. 

The obvious choices are Mercurial on BitBucket or Git on GitHub. 

I’ve tried GitHub with the free account on open repositories, and I’ve tried Mercurial on my own since it feels a lot more home (command wise) if you are an old subversion user. 

If you’ve tried both of these services, I’d love to hear your opinion.

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Update: Bitbucket. During the week that I wrote this article Atlassian bought Bitbucket and offered free hosting. Also the tool is a lot more friendly to svn-brainwashed users like myself and our team. Couldn’t be more happy after switching to a distributed version control system.

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