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So I had to work outside today, and as usual I wanted to use my Verizon 4G Android (Thunderbolt) to connect my laptop using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, as I’ve been doing since I got the phone, it’s been a real life saver many times.

This morning I saw that there was a firmware update, and I gladly accepted it, after that upgrade, now dear Verizon has decided to charge 4G users with $30 A MONTH to use the Hotspot feature that was free on my phone.

Really Verizon…?

So well, the outcome is that, NO, I’m never gonna pay you $30 a month to use my own Wi-Fi card to share my internet connection, but instead I’ve gone and signed up for Clear’s 4G hotspot, which allows me to connect up to 8 computers.

Verizon, I was happy with you until now, you suck balls, Android users are not stupid, this is pure evil. I guess my $250 a month on my line and my family’s lines are not enough for you.

So, if Clear ends up working well for me, what I think I’ll do at the end of the contract will be radical and I hope more and more people will do the same, I’m gonna get rid of my phone line, bye bye stupid 10 digit numbers, bye bye dynamic monthly bills, bye bye Verizon. I’ll just have it connected to my Wi-Fi hotspot, I’ll have faster internet access, and if I need to make a phone call, I’ll use either GTalk or Skype, fuck it. I don’t answer the phone anyway, I’ll send everyone straight to Google Voice.

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