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Desktop software is far from dead, the browser can’t be all of what the future holds for the software industry

Yes, a lot of people are all about the cloud and everything should be in the browser, but the reality is that there’s a very healthy (and still growing) ecosystem of desktop software being created, and updated everyday.

More so, the browser is still limited and it seems that we’re bending over backwards (in javascript of all languages #facepalming) to be able to do what we’ve been already been able to do for years inside it. It’s like we want to throw away the powerful hardware now available on the tip of our hands (ever faster multicore technology, super duper video cards, amazing storage for almost nothing, solid state drives, you name it, we’re getting it, and it’s gonna get better in 18 months)… for the promise of the cloud (which is convenient, but you should try living without internet at home for 3 weeks, fuck the cloud).

A few moments ago I was thinking about this and about Google’s vision of “everything inside the browser” and then it hit me.

Our industry is full of disruption, who would’ve thought that web browsers would get so big and create whole new industries, can’t the same happen to the browser?

I think it’s totally possible that some new software, some new Desktop software could emerge and change the face of the internet once again. I don’t know what it could be, but after seeing how things evolve it’s plausible something like this happens.

Google shouldn’t be putting all its eggs on the browser basket.

Desktop software is here to stay, and it has all the powers today to out-innovate the browser, as crazy as it sounds.

Maybe a well done Microsoft App store would be enough to get a lot of people excited. By looking at what’s happened in such a short time for iOS and the Apple AppStore, the browser has plenty to fear.

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