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The most fundamental features still missing in Google+

The 2 most fundamental features missing in Google+ (and I don’t know how else to send them feedback about this) that really really grind my gears are the lack of a +1 button and a “Share” link on the picture gallery mode.

(My suggestion of where the button and the share link should be)

I think that this has to be totally on purpose, I cannot believe that all the “geniuses” at Google haven’t felt the frustration of not being able to +1 or share a good picture from that view.

CEOs or Google+ project managers should be more involved in product experience. It’s cool how they are very data driven, but damn it guys, sit and use the product yourselves, or have you never used a social network before.

It’s just very hypocritical of Google to say that this is a service created to help people share, when sometimes it gets in your way of sharing at the very moment when you feel like sharing something with others.

And you wonder why they still haven’t opened the gates? It’s still far from ready to be used by the mainstream user.

What other fundamental features do you think are missing?

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  1. We still miss the groups feature too, circles can’t replace groups.
    As example, in a group every members knows who else in the group, and they don’t have to be in his circle to be in the group.
    Also a chat with friends without the need to go to hangout is needed as long as we followed each other. With, of course, the ability to be online for specific circles.