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Raw Notes from Singularity Summit #SS11

Singularity Summit 2011 Notes.

The #SS11 videos are going to be at

Day 1:


> TO-POST: Post about the the continuity of consciousness.

Watson is coded in Java, was built for massive parallelization with support for internet parallelization, and runs on linux.

Creating horizontal AI solutions is key to billion dollar achievements.

Watson is a horizontal AI computer.

> Get book on 3d-priting. Another technological revolution. Get a 3d printer, start a 3d printshop (brick & mortar bizmodel)

Stephen Babdylak: Regenerative Medicine.

The immune system is a trade off to organ regeneration capabilities that we have when we are in gestation.

Constructive Cell Infiltrate, through different approaches, cells, scaffolding, drugs.

Scaffolds are put in place of the injury

Sonia Arrison: 100 Plus.

Biology has become an engineering project, DNA Reverse engineering.

Adult-lescent <- My friend xxxxxx Kuznets curve. Explains how new technologies create problems like pollution that we eventually solve once we have enough income to care about it. It’s all about the trade off.

Peter Thiel talks about the future.

I’m beginning to think that the main character of the movie “Limitless” (actually the book “Dark Fields”) was inspired on Peter Thiel.

“The globalization story without technology simply does not work” Peter Thiel #SingularitySummit

“We gotta search WHERE the singularity will happen” Peter Thiel #SingularitySummit

“You become an entrepreneur in order to solve a problem” Peter Thiel #SS11

“When you think the future is indeterminate and probabilistic, you don’t think about the specifics” Peter Thiel #SS11

Thiel on green energy: “like if amazon said they’ll sell books that cost twice as much and ship in six months but with govt subsidies” #ss11

“The lowest-hanging fruit in preventative medicine is just to really focus on nutrition.” -Peter Thiel

“We need more pessimism that the future might be a lot worse, and we need more optimism that the future might be better.” —Peter Thiel

“the way people deal with death is probably the paradigm example of denial” -Peter Thiel #ss11

“Big part of the challenge to innovation is that people too easily resign themselves to dying.” -Peter Thiel #ss11

“A lot of the key to Apple’s succes is Designing technology in order to hide it.” -Peter Thiel #SS11


Michael Shermer: Social Singularity (Skeptic society Magazine)

Recommends Book
Steven Pinker: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined by Steven Pinker
(TO-DO: finish Pinker’s the Blank Slate)

Inequalities are decreasing.

We’re all King Louis Thanks to Markets.

1st Moral Principle – Be nice to your kind.

@michaelshermer predicts the banning of birth control by the end of this century #SS11

2nd Moral Principle – Reciprocity

3rd – The golden rule.

Cooperation decays without punishment.

People (nations) have become more civilized through exposure and trade
(don’t bomb your chipmaker nation)

The spread of science. Scientific thinking if more abstract, & abstract reasoning expands the evolutionary circle of sentiments.

spread liberal democracy, internet, science. the moral “flyn” effect (increase of IQ through spreading these)

Global Civilization 2.0 – Free Minds, Free Markets


James McLurkin: “The Future of Robotics is Swarms: Why a Thousand Robots are Better Than One”

Kiva System: Warehouse Distribution is done through robot swarms. Wow.


Stephen Wolfram

Rule 30.
Principle of Equivalent Computation.
The systems we see in nature are computationally reduceable.

He questions that complex signals coming from the cosmos might not be associated to intelligence,
they could be the product of simple patterns. Happened already with Tesla’s signals from mars.

So much of human motivation is tied to mortality, what will we choose to do once we’ve achieved it?

the universe is not as complex as it could be, cause after all there is order in it.

Maybe It’s possible to hold a little program that holds our universe. He’s been running models
with simple rules to find the fundamental program of the universe.

Computational irreducibility implies the universe could be a simple computer program.

You cannot have a future that you cannot yet imagine.

My hope for the future is to not die.

We’re the only animal that knows it’ll die.

Jason Silva

“The cosmos is speaking through us.” -Jason Silva

Man is a fallen god who remembers heaven.

The computer is the LSD of the 90s.

We’re animals in a technological shell (after the creation of culture)

Being inspired is the antidote to existential dispair. – Jason Silva.

There’s a huge business creating media related to the singularity, people will love this, and hate this.

Dmitry Itskov: Project Immortality 2045

Founded movement 7 months ago.

Instead of competing to get into space first and build better missiles, the US and Russia should compete to achieve immortality first!

Goal of Itkskov’s Neohumanity: allow everyone to become multi-bodied. #ss11

Christof Koch: “The Neurobiology and Mathematics of Consciousness”

The content of consciousness must be distinguised from States of Consciousness.

You don’t need language for consciousness.

Anatomically, our brain is made of the same stuff than that of a dog, or a whale.
Whales have more than us, so what makes us special? It’s still a mistery according to Koch.

When answering a question he said: “The theory is neutral on the substrate.”

@romrod recommends

Eliezer Yudkows

Godel Machine, step 7 is the hardest.

Meta-meta AI

Max Tegmark: “The Future of Life: a Cosmic Perspective”

Alexander Wissner-Gross: “Planetary-Scale Intelligence”

He sees the AI singularity coming out of the markets, and proposes
a blueprint for management of the full singularity.

Then he compares the Quantitative Finance strategy with a corresponding
AI (AGI) strategy.

Quantitative Finance, to model human group behavior to efficiently allocate capital.

The first emergence of super AI will be coupled to capitals and quantitative advertising (Google Adsense)

High frequency trading is driving the infrastructure to lower latency.

Vasicek process (Simplest possible model)

He coined an optimal solution as to where (physically) to be placed to coordinate trading.

We may already be seeing the first wave of AI regulation.

Darwinism is ubiquitous in financial industry – Wissner-Gross

Sharon Bertsch McGrayne: “A History of Bayes’ Theorem”

David Brin: “So you want to make gods. Now why would that bother anybody?”

Recommends to watch/read HG Wells “Things to come

Taught us how to speak to the people that is afraid of Science.

Tyler Cowen: “The Great Stagnation”

When the individual mind can see a bigger part of something, it sees that innovation is easier.

Individual minds no longer grasp science.

“If we had to build today’s energy infrastructure with today’s regulation it’d be impossible.” -Twyler Cowen

Tyler Cowen & Michael Vassar Debate The Great Stagnation

Didn’t agree much with his vision, although yes, technology is probably behind and not performing
or doing the things that it should be doing.

Vassar co-founded Music Licensing alternative, not yet launched. Will launch in november.

John Mauldin: “The Endgame Meets The Millennium Wave — Why the Economic Crisis will be History as We Create the Future”

The end game = the end of the super cycle.

The key is wheter debt is excessive relative to income… and it sure is.

“Get your surfboard and ride it, it’ll be more fun to ride it than let it (next wave) hit you” –John Mauldin #SS11

The aggregator of innovation technology news will be key once the rate of innovation is almost impossible to catch up.

Short annuities cause there screwed.

Geo political realities are going to change, 2 new billion new consumers, massive infrastructure build out, abuntant resources,
a revolution in retirement.

Riley Crane: Science of Engagement & Rethinking Communication.

The longer you wait to do something, the longer you’ll keep waiting to do it.

Gotta make things easy for people to act immediatly. Then give them the right incentives.

Google’s search suggestion is analogue to worn organic paths in the grass.

Scott Brown and Dileep George: “From Planes to Brains: Building AI the Wright Way”


If you sever one part of the brain and put it into another part, it’s compatible.
Anatomically the same or close to being the same.

Instead of asking what are the algorithms, we should be asking what are the assumptions.

computation, communication, living functions. (I’d take out living functions, and keep only computation and communication, and drive out redundancies and inneficiencies of a biological model)

(Triangle, they say you gotta use all the three)
The cortex has hierarchy.
World data can also be arranged in structures. (obviously)

modeling only the brain = blue project

data + computation = machine learning

only a few others are looking at it all.

Comparing the problem to building a plane.

Take the problem and replicate it, iterate it over different complexity levels.

“Solve the problem in the right order” (reminds me also of “order” as in complexity)

(When doing liguistic analysis, you should have a graph with a reasonable number of available actions for the nodes in the proposition)

Sent them a message.

Jaan Tallinn: “Balancing the Trichotomy: Individual vs. Society vs. Universe”

“So this is how it feels like to be responsible of the majority of internet traffic out there” -Jaan Tallinn (on Kazaa times,applause) #SS11

Level 3 people. Sane. Singularitarian? Rationalist? Sane?

CL3 Generation Movement.

There seems to be a correlation between the age of the people and the hability to understand CL3 movement.

Fight Dilution: If you belong to CL3 gen, you’re likely surrounded by peers that don’t know what the issues are or don’t care.
Declare intentions: being predictable can be good to get others to approach you (or fuck you)
Build meme: sending the message.

Donor: not just money, but people looking to employ CL3 people.

Researchers: The ones that drive knowledge forward through investigaiton.


The future of the world does not depend on society, depends with people with red buttons.

We need the CL3 Generation.

The future is increasingly dependent on individuals.

Level 1 = Individual
Level 2 = Current Society not looking for a change.
Level 3 = Future Society
he sounded like “Fuck Level 2”.

David Ferrucci: “Watson AI Perceptions”

IBM Watson includes a “pun detector” developed by an independent researcher #ss11

“One Jeopardy Q can take 2hrs on a single 2.6Ghz Core. Watson is answering 2-6 second.” You do the math. Wow! #SS11

What Watson needed to compete with humans on Jeopardy!: 2,880 cores, 15TB RAM, 80kW of power, 20 tons A/C. #SS11

Ferrucci’s Watson not based on modeling human cognition. A parallel probabilistic machine. Lots of silicon needed to defeat Jennings. #ss11

Dan Cerutti: “Commercializing Watson”

Asked about them contacting congress, they said not-yet, got massive applause from the audience.

Watson runs on linux, and it’s parallelization is internet enabled. Watson could run over thousands of cores.

Fuck IBM, I’m creating my own.

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