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can you imagine being at least 25 years old and connecting to the internet for the first time today?

I realized last night that the possibility our minds have to create mental models outside the physical world (abstractions) the internet works so well.

I think my mental model of the internet reality is several orders of magnitude larger to that which I’ve experienced in the physical world, and in a way sometimes it seems more tangible because we can interact with these abstract models like if we had super powers.

Now imagine connecting for the first time to the internet today, and having lived all your life without using its benefits to your advantages. Without guiding hands and coming to the realization that you are a “new born” dealing with the likes of some of us who have been here for well over 15 years, and who have had the time to create a more accurate mental model of what the internet really is, it must be quite scary and fascinating joining this world today, probably way more exciting than it was for you or for me because there’s already all of these possibilities many of us dreamed of having at first, to the newbie, the internet culture crash course must be quite intimidating.

Going back to the mental models we make out of internet websites, services, protocols, brands, any internet entrepreneur should know that to all these newbies you have the same chance of looking as big as coca cola on the internet, to the many new users if you provide a great experience and something unique you will be as big as you can in their minds.

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