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#IWasThinking E01S02: American Nutritional trends and how they will affect our future

Something as simple as the invention and adoption of bread was a key driver for the foundations of agriculture and the evolution of civilization.

I think the outlook of the future is not so good when we look at the eating habits of the average american person, which seems to be similar to other consumption habits in American society. We eat crap, we buy crap, we watch crap, we listen to crap, we waste time on stupid things, the top search trends on Google show that americans just care about gossip and vanal things.

If the future of this country depends on the majority of the people in it (and not in a brilliant few that drive innovation and cannibalize on the majority), I think american supremacy has its days numbered, not to mention that we’re going to keep spending a lot of money on healthcare thanks to our eating habits.

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  1. Did you ever wonder why horses are so powerful and healthy on nothing but grass? Is nutrition a myth? Or might something like lettuce alone be the elixir of human life. My mother has outlived her Alzheimers for 12 years now and the only thing she knows how and likes to eat without human intervention (other than cutting it off the trees, sending it to market and getting it on her table) is bananas, and lots of ’em – high in potassium, an elixir for the brain. Anyway, I love your stuff … you’re an amazing dude and I’d like to see you pursue your P2P idea with yegg or else partner up with someone else to do it. Can you believe that despite you’re being incredibly connected, this is the only way I figured out how to write you other than ( I tried Twitter for the second time but couldn’t tweet you directly and I tried LinkedIn but I had to subscribe to premium (pay – ugh!) so finally I figured out how to get to you on your website (I hope)! One last point. Do we really need money in today’s connected world? I’d love to infuse capitalism with a mayan dose of socialism to set the financial world on it’s head in 2012!
    Thank you,
    Larry Esposito

    • that’s an interesting observation about how those animals are so strong, I bet there’s a good explanation to that and how they metabolize grass.

      The P2P search engine idea would be amazingly awesome to pursue, the core philosophy of sharing the cake is something that I intend to do on all my future projects. Imagine the idea applied to something like a social network, doesn’t it suck how facebook makes money on your content and doesn’t give you a dime back?

  2. I’m not so keen on the “content” of Facebook, Twitter, because while its collective consciousness may be able to help overthrow governments, it has not yet proven itself at replacing them. For that, I think we need a gently “guided” content type, one that aspires to raise the collective consciousness to new heights.

    And they don’t need to give me a penny. Don’t get me wrong I’m liking the shared revenue concept you discussed with yegg but we’re due for a new currency, one that’s based on the good, rather than greed.

    But back to the horse, or goose, or gander: what scientific evidence do we truly have on the ever changing “balanced diet”? In other words, what keen observation in nature, the cornerstone of our scientific method, suggests such a myth? And isn’t it peculiar that the various elixirs of our modern day healers almost all come in the shape of a tiny bean with absolutely none of that’s bean’s nutrtional value? Imagine what would happen to clinical studies, if they replaced the sugar placebo with a protein placebo! 😉