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My first Facebook Gift Experience

November 22, I buy a gift for my wife.

I notice the selection is already sizeable, seems like they’ve cut out deals (or just integrated) with Starbucks and other smaller but exclusive brands. I’ve picked a Sarabeth’s Jam, I’m given the option to choose the flavor or to let my wife pick the flavor for herself.

After I’ve done the purchase, I see the gift in the Newsfeed, Facebook has been cool enough not to make it public by default, it’s only been shared with Friends, I can choose to change privacy just like any other post on the newsfeed.

One cool detail that plays with the minds of everyone looking is that the present is still under wraps and it will remain that way until my wife opens the present and sets up a shipping address. They want to make the surprise element last for as long as possible creating attention towards the gifting experience on Facebook.

November 24, the gift has shipped

Maybe their volumes on opening were large, kinks needed to be addressed, it was thanksgiving weekend (not everybody was working), but it took way too long between ordering and shipping.

November 26, gift arrives 4 days later.

How did they manage to squeeze all that on that tiny box?

Notice the details on the packaging, Facebook has made sure to put a signature and to make their brand stay with us to create word of mouth by putting the gift on a Facebook branded cloth bag that you’re not going to trash. In the case of the jam we have the added bonus that the packagers have included 2 gel packs that I get to keep and reuse.

The contents have been very well packed, the Jam jar is safe and the contents delicious.

Have you sent or received a gift on Facebook? How was your experience?

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